What motivate me to create Vegan kitchen

Basically can be concluded as follows :

It is fresh and New Area.( kitchen- new area for me ) its the frontier area( vegan kitchen -accords with world trend). Engage in New area is the best point of view one can create positive effect. It give many powers in your actions.

  • It transcends time, space, nationality, culture and all that can be stopping your creation. this provide good soil for freedom. Wherever you are ,you can think and act. means it connect you with the main concerns of the whole world not only in your own little corner.
  • As spiritual person, I understand why people not happy. but I as well can devote myself to real practice ,to overcome barricades that lie between. otherwise what can guide your behavior? why are you here working. working for whom? I have the faith to arrive destinations. this two provide two best conditions for me to achieve what I want.
    • Work in frontier is my choice. it means to engage a new style of life.I am brave to make this choice that means I want to create my space that jumped out from the past. I believe in miracles.. I regret that many people cannot achieve their life wealth. and this is a road leading to unknown future. but a promising future.
    • I am not follower but want to be a leader at least for myself.
      there are many merits that born with everybody. the only mission is to let it out and live it fully. I want to be successful not by other’s standard but to my own standard. that is to live fully.I believe in the invisible part that behind what you can see and that is the real guide.
  • The only solution is to be where I am. from there, I pass great passion to effect people and let them believe miracle is possible. attract talented people to join ( guests or partner). this can make everyone move forward. the good thing never too much, so i found it out and make it happen.I can connect myself with the whole world trend. this is a huge discover that I found. I believe there are many people working in this frontier. maybe one day we can connect with each other and work better.
    • Work in the frontier can lead me to independence, equality and freedom that everybody is anxious of .. to live one day one has to be on the road to this three destinations. the vegan life is like a vessel carries my soul and let it drive to a wonderful life.
  • New area gives good energy and passion can defeat any disease and bad emotion effect. not a space there for those virus to exist. It can make you bright out of darkness and be shining everyday. ordinary people does not believe it. but I believe in.
  • I am the only guide of my life. I cannot be lazy and keep moving. Everybody is looking at me.
  • This motivate me to learn more and enrich this space. its the best class that i design for myself and my future family. I have to learn actively. so this can be a resource that push you to move forward and produce all good energy. Thus I need to learn: design , nutrition, art, communication it will go through all my life. and those are all connected together to make a whole picture. to improve the space better and better.