what I offer


What I offer?


  • Real Food

Start from
Organic products

Healthy Method
Minimum and Effective time


NO Boundaries on Ingredient and Cooking method.

  • Good conversation
  • Books available on CHILDREN Education and HEATHHY DIET
    Home-like Atmosphere


What I ‘ve Engaged for the past 3 years:

  • Organize Cooking Class Upon request.
  • Occasional Open Experiments:
  • Farm to Table activity
  • Recipe Exchange and Experiment on Vegan Recipes

No menu
No price
Serve with surprise

Both of us Enjoy it so much!

  • Working out Solutions to build up an Eco-friendly Space


What I ve achieved?

Experiences have blessed me with valuable ideas. They play magic roles in Angel’s Kitchen. This is the very creative part that both motivates me and guests.

Upon the moment of cooking ideas take effect like magic. Space is heating up by the passionate air. You see I work with my soul and imagination. Inspiration occasionally comes on time!
On Root Practices also gives me real knowledge on how life should be.