Emily’s New Recipe

Cook is a magic.

New Recipe:

  • Mango slice
  • Purple Sweets
  • Raw sweets Ball

    Basic Ingredient:

  • Fresh Fruit (lime, Mango,Grape)
  • Coconut milk, Coconut oil
  • Sweets ( dates)

    sweat ball

    vegan ball

  • Sketch and cooking Diary

    investigate healthy ingredient

    Year 2016 September- November.

    I Visited Tibet,Nepal, Thailand.
    As there is a need to learn and explore more, I start travel.Explore and discover more about vegan field. good for improve kitchen and expand my view. This travel is an investigation.
    Several interests motivate me to move once I arrive a new site.

    Explore more healthy ingredients. go to the market or field.
    sometimes I visit local family and always found new material.

    Meet and talk with people. exchange ideas.

    visit vegan restaurant. set up connection with them.

    find out more natural material.

    Work if there is a chance. Cook to exchange for accommodation.

    Visit Permaculture programm or organic farm


    In Nepal, I visited many places by local bus.
    Try vegan restaurant, stay with local family, share food together.
    I also visited local kitchen.
    try airbnb


    I visited Punpun and panya projects.
    Try vegan restaurant. BLue diamond and Kal fer
    go to the fruit market.

    Place: Nepal Thailand

    Dumpling Party

    August 2014

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