Living Ingredient

Nature is a mystery. if there is confusion, I go to a wider world for the answer.

I find myself two things: civilized part and primitive part.

I m Curious to know how food connects to Nature.

I will not miss the part (the part blessed with a chance: witness , discover or feel anything that is so true and real) when I devote into the kitchen. take care of everything. It involves a slow and detailed work. even it shows everybody a messy appearance. especially for my mum, she feel very upset to see my messy closet.

but that is so true, i can see my messy passion comes from a pure place, an imperfect heart. I hope the space shows a comfortable but casual way.
everything is set up in a natural way.
i let it out without decoration and hiding. Even when i see people’s disagree, i give myself a secret giggling and laugh like a kid. because I know it. accept. (i don’t want to push or force myself to make it so clean and organized even i know future will go there for easy handling and professional of course) its a place to let me show my naked in front everybody. It also attract people to show their real opinions. some for me to improve and improve the way i understand and appreciated. thus communication occurs. thats why i keep the status.

For me be comfortable and organized at certain period cannot become good friends. I need time to let it come.

The sight of casual is not because i mean it and plan it. the mess or casualis temporary and so frank. that’s me. even proud of my braveness. i know many people used to see the very clean and tidy part, to me but first i have to move freely, not being restricted by any purpose.

( for example, i experience inner conflict when two young Chinese Lady want me to shot photos for them.. one after another. I did one, but feel not good for further. I rejected. )

Like I don’t want to miss the part of growing up. its so meaningful to see kids grow up. same as i see how kitchen grows. i dimly feel there hides the Real Knowledge, the real life. something so apart from normal standard , the one for showing to outside, to expect good comment.

I had the idea here, TO cook vegan food, it requires totally differently from cook normal dishes. i am sure not many chinese has ever make a vegan kitchen. especially serve for public. so it s both challenge and a interesting for me to set up a new kitchen. as it need me to create everything i need and suit to my way to use it. as involve with eco-friendly concept, so all setting thus becomes creative and you need to handle the waste as well in a unique way. even the customer is unique. some come to learn from me about vegan life, some come for me to learn from. others come to look,may bury a early seed in their heart.
i can take reference from internet and learn from others, but i still need to have a unique idea based on current environment. as i am in china. and was in shaxi. and will be somewhere i m not sure in the future. i am learning. it give me a chance to learn. to connect to people good at this field.

i like life with good density. you have no time to think, not a minute to worry, fear as i am moving. you got the pure gift.

Feel the true value behind everything I touch, I do.

I enjoy witness the whole process.

From beginning to the end.
this is how I handle food.

go to field- meet local villagers- pick up the part you want, see the surroundings- pay(price not key part as you go market)-try to get rid of useless part – walk to kitchen-
wash carefully- cut – cook in a due way-eat- handle the rest part- to garbage bin or bury it to earth( what i prefer to)

i am glad to start from:
grow the food –

go the field, stare at any living ingredient, meet people, i like meeting people. i am curious to see them coming to me.