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My Philosophy

I believe Everyone is born unique.
When a child is born.

I am conscious of my uniqueness in different periods of life. It took me long time to recognize it. Now I let it out to Earn RESPECT from others and Return RESPECT to others.

Secret of Life
My continuous Curiosity of “Secret of life” motivates me to start at the very beginning and produce positive energy to grow up .


My Mission:


Create A space for my good intentions. Doing right things and doing things right brings real life.

I am Guided to undertake multi-functional practices and I am curious to start in a totally fresh area.


I am open to ideas worth trying and seldom hesitate to act on them.

A creative thinker needs a place to let her ideas come true.
Together with an advanced view of reality.

I became a vegan supporter rather late and I still have a long way to go.

I welcome anyone coming to me with Common goals concerning our universe ,concerning being healthy for the sake of one’s family and one’s self. Be a good person. To get it done lets start from food.

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Why I become Vegan?