Pure Kitchen

Pure Kitchen is An Original and Genuine Vegan kitchen in YunNan China.

Pure kitchen is a very special kitchen. It Starts from Zero . Its a gift I create. Please Refer to HISTORY
when I traveled in Yunnan in 2013. As a backpacker searching for my real opportunity. A strong will of being independent and living a healthy life motivate me to seek for the answer for myself. ( A big part of Chinese still held a misleading concept on what healthy life style is.) I decide to set up a career that requires devotion of my passion and creative ideas. Its not my kitchen, but a collective place. I am blessed with a seed with me, local friend offer me help. Then everything starts.

I Try to build up something good for my future HOME as well. This is A great career for a female like me.

Good food, Organized KITCHEN, home-like atmosphere and a favorable social Net Work ( basically refer to all the guests that has ever come to me) make up a bright new future.

This is a rather slow but solid process aims To achieve a sustainable relations with society I am longing for. and establish a respectful identification. Especially in the time when being fast writes the main theme. Making me stand out in my unique way needs courage and talents. from a distinctive point of view I could design mylife. protect the shining part and nourish it to grow up.

Those are very critical time to a new born bud.

i m not in a hurry collecting benefit, but follow step by step way that can nourish me and guest for the common goal : a Healthy life style.

Get More here:What I offer?

I need a right place to allows it happens.

Create a sustainable life style will go through all my life practices.

I am proud of my guests who support me and show their concerns.

What happened for 3 past years?

After 3years experiments in different forms. I ve being playing a role of helper and a leader in this area. with no room rent as normal business people do, i have less burdens. That’s why I am lucky to engage different experiment. a chance for me to connect with people who like to provide a room or a space, to cooperate with people who has a wider view and a generous mind.

No matter what format I take with me, either sell in the street or in a poor empty room. I stay in a happy mood. energy growing inside. I fully devote in my career. nothing can deprive me from this unique space I created.

A equal and fair connection can produce best result, I assume.
For more details, you can again go to “History” part.

A long term solution is pursuing on how to keep it going Anyone sharing same interests are welcome to contact me. Either by working together or share your own experiences. In Whatever case sharing is always welcome! Please leave a message in “Testimonials”

Here ARE Some of my concepts:

    What motivate me to create this kitchen?

    My Concepts

    Cooking Diary in sketch

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